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Старый 24.04.2008, 18:32
Аватар для DarkDan
По умолчанию Phanatic

Phanatic - Outsider

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Artist: Phanatic
Album: Outsider
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Rel.date: 24.04.2008
Str.date: XX.05.2008
Tracks: 9
Size: 89.4MB
Length: 63:31


1. Let's Get Dirty 7:43
2. Tokyo Nights 7:00
3. Distortion Maniac 6:55
4. Superfunk 6:57
5. Machines 6:17
6. Phananda 7:00
7. Land Of Confusion 6:58
8. Illusions 7:03
9. Lifeform 7:38


The year is 2008 and Utopia Records are proud to present Phanatic's second album - 'Outsider'.

Kfir Lankry, the name behind the 'Phanatic' project, is a talented musician/producer who got hooked up by electronic music at the very tender age of 10 and that led him to start producing since the very young age of 13. Almost 10 years later, kfir has already a huge number of single releases and his very successful debut album, 'In my head'(Utopia / 2006) was the cause of a massive dance floor infection due to Phanatic's live performances in countless events all over the world.

For his second album kfir deliberately wanted to create something that would 'stand out from the crowd' and in that way would become a kind of an outsider. The result truly stands out...9 dancefloor hits with diverse sounds and styles merged into an album that releflects his personality, musical experience and production skills. It features collaborations with some well known artists in the scene such as: Ananda Shake, Bizzare Contact and Electro Sun and Stereomatic.

Phanatic's 'Outsider'...for people who like to think 'outside the box'!
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