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Старый 17.08.2008, 17:41
Аватар для raininick
По умолчанию D.E.S

D.E.S - "The End Of The World The Comeback" (p) 2008

Artist...: D.E.S
Style....: Psychedelic
Style....: Dark psy
Date.....: Aug-10
Date.....: Aug-10
Year.....: 2008
Source...: CDDA
Supplier.: PTC
ENCODER..: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALITY..: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME.: 79:15 min / 9 Tracks
SIZE.....: 119,2 MB
Uploaded: RapidShare.Com


01 The Introduction To Outer Limits 08:32
02 Where To Go When The Sun Explodes 08:42
03 No More Of The Good Old Days 08:32
04 More More More To The Overdrive Of The Future 10:01
05 Trips Into More Sincere Enjoyments of Forever 08:42
06 Then The Story Changes We Are Controlling Transmission 08:42
07 Where Can I Find Some More of You 08:42
08 I Really Just Adore To See You Enjoy Yourself 08:42
09 The Comeback Its Not the End of the World 08:40

описание англ

This CD is an artwork of deepness and seriousness also it is to bring you out of psychosis...

... and into trance again.

The sound is somewhat rustic and deep and the focus has been on rebooting the dancefloor into the mega deepness of trance.

Surprises after surprises in the sound will make you want more all the time, the thing about this CD is that you will not feel like eating too much all the time, it will play with you and take you for a ride. And after you would want more!

The truth is that the deepness is back.

качаем тут

PS. Cover coming soon.


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