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Progressive Rock Единственной универсальной характеристикой прогрессивного рока является усложнение музыкальной формы. Это проявляется в удлиннении и усложнении музыкальных пьес, тяготении к циклическим формам академической музыки; расширении репертуара используемых тембров, усложнении метра и ритма, использовании нетрадиционных для рока мелодических и гармонических решений; поэзии, уходящей от тем развлекательной музыки и тяготеющей к философским «вечным темам», фантастической и фентезийной тематике; переплетении с классической и современной академической музыкой, джазом.

А знаете ли Вы, что...
Какой отработанный медицинский материал использовался советскими изготовителями кустарных пластинок?
«В СССР для изготовления кустарных пластинок, на которые записывалась нелегальная музыка, широко использовали старые рентгеновские снимки. Их называли «пластинки на костях» или «пластинки на рёбрах». Этот материал обходился бесплатно, медперсонал даже благодарил тех, кто помогал разгружать архивы.»
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Старый 21.09.2012, 13:50
Аватар для sergych
Релиз The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres

2010 - The Orb - Metallic Spheres

Исполнитель/Artist: The Orb featuring David Gilmour
Альбом/Album: Metallic Spheres
Год/Year: 2010
Жанр/Genre: Progressive Rock, Ambient
Страна/Country: Russia
Рекорд-лейбл/Record label: Columbia
Формат/Format: Free Lossless Audio Codec (*.flac)
Качество/Quality: Lossless
Тип рипа/RIP Type: image+.cue
Продолжительность/Length: 00:48:53
Источник/Source: Собственный рип
Размер/Size: 320.2 MB

Сканы в комплекте


01 - Metallic Side
a) Metallic Spheres
b) Hymns to the Sun
c) Black Graham
d) Hiding in Plain View
e) Classified

02 - Spheres Side
a) Es Vedra
b) Hymns to the Sun (Reprise)
c) Olympic
d) Chicago Dub
e) Bold Knife Trophy




David Gilmour – guitars, vocals
Alex Paterson – sound manipulation, keyboards, turntables
Youth – bass, keyboards, programming
Tim Bran – keyboards, programming
Marcia Mello – acoustic guitar (on "Black Graham")
Dominique Le Vac – backing vocals

EAC лог

Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 3 from 29. August 2011

EAC extraction logfile from 27. February 2012, 11:53

The Orb featuring David Gilmour / Metallic Spheres

Used drive : ATAPI iHAS120 6 Adapter: 5 ID: 0

Read mode : Secure
Utilize accurate stream : Yes
Defeat audio cache : No
Make use of C2 pointers : No

Read offset correction : 6
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No
Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No
Null samples used in CRC calculations : Yes
Used interface : Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000

Used output format : User Defined Encoder
Selected bitrate : 768 kBit/s
Quality : High
Add ID3 tag : No
Command line compressor : C:\MMProgram\Exact Audio Copy\FLAC\FLAC.EXE
Additional command line options : -6 -V -T "ARTIST=%artist%" -T "TITLE=%title%" -T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%tracknr%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" -T "BAND=%albuminterpret%" -T "ALBUMARTIST=%albuminterpret%" -T "COMPOSER=%composer%" %haslyrics%--tag-from-file=LYRICS="%lyricsfile%"%haslyrics% -T "DISCNUMBER=%cdnumber%" -T "TOTALDISCS=%totalcds%" -T "TOTALTRACKS=%numtracks%" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% %source% -o %dest%

TOC of the extracted CD

Track | Start | Length | Start sector | End sector
1 | 0:00.00 | 28:41.59 | 0 | 129133
2 | 28:41.59 | 20:12.03 | 129134 | 220036

Range status and errors

Selected range

Filename C:\mm\4\The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres.wav

Peak level 98.9 %
Extraction speed 8.7 X
Range quality 100.0 %
Test CRC CE50059C
Copy CRC CE50059C
Copy OK

No errors occurred

AccurateRip summary

Track 1 accurately ripped (confidence 12) [7589E0B6] (AR v2)
Track 2 accurately ripped (confidence 12) [F4F8D8B8] (AR v2)

All tracks accurately ripped

End of status report

---- CUETools DB Plugin V2.1.3

[CTDB TOCID: MJTESHAi6D8qcxYPS8MjW.OFDi4-] found, Submit result: MJTESHAi6D8qcxYPS8MjW.OFDi4- has been confirmed
[21de571b] (11/11) Accurately ripped

==== Log checksum 6879E5D14E86444B0A566F7282C50D2BDE5D90EA45810F5D784B17CA64B4AF74 ====

Файл CUE

REM GENRE "Psychedelic Rock"
REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v1.0b3"
PERFORMER "The Orb featuring David Gilmour"
TITLE "Metallic Spheres"
FILE "The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres.flac" WAVE
TITLE "Metallic Side: Metallic Spheres / Hymns to the Sun / Black Graham / Hiding in..."
PERFORMER "The Orb featuring David Gilmour"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Spheres Side: Es Vedra / Hymns to the Sun (reprise) / Olympic / Chicago Dub /..."
PERFORMER "The Orb featuring David Gilmour"
INDEX 01 28:41:59

Лог проверки качества

AUDIOCHECKER v2.0 beta (build 457) - by Dester -

Путь: ...\4

1 -=- The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres.flac -=- CDDA (99%)


Скачать The Orb - Metallic Spheres

password: sergych
My opinion of release: 8/10

Release info RInfo

The Orb featuring David Gilmour from Pink Floyd
Saturday 21st August 2010
Metallic Spheres Update -- Date Confirmed and EPK
Sony Music have now confirmed the release date of the Metallic Spheres album as 12th October in North America (11th October in the UK). The first EPK of the album, directed by filmmaker Gavin Elder, has now been made available. It features Orb members Martin 'Youth' Glover and Alex Paterson, plus footage of David contributing electric guitar and lap steel guitar during the album sessions at Youth's studio.

New footage has emerged of The Orb working with former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

The Orb emerged at a critical time for dance music. The white heat of Acid House was dissipating, and amid the furious tempos of 'Ardkore some people just wanted to tune in, turn on and chill out.

Looking to ambient music for inspiration, The Orb were commonly linked to Pink Floyd. The pair share a love of down tempo music, with the prog giant's languid soundscapes serving as an inspiration.

Now after twenty years of worship The Orb have finally been able to work with a member of Pink Floyd. News broke earlier this year that the dance legends had used material from David Gilmour extensively on their new project.

The pair jammed last year, resulting in reels of recorded music. Deciding to embark on a new album, The Orb used David Gilmour's contributions as a starting point before spiralling into new areas.

The resulting album is named 'Metallic Spheres' and is due to be released later this year. Causing a stir amongst fans of both parties, the album is designed to be heard in two sides: 'Metallic Side' (24'48"), and 'Spheres Side' (25'09").

Also present are five musical sub divisions. Alongside The Orb's extensive tape manipulation and production skills David Gilmour has contributed lengthy guitar parts, including some pedal steel guitar
TAIFUN.Wings of Soul

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